Retailers, Security, Telcos & Others


If you serve consumers on the web, consider the P-ECOSYS set of web tools to make your consumer engagement more relevant, valued and compelling; a complete solution for all their home utility/energy management needs.

Your Organization


  • Home Control
  • Appliances
  • Equipment


  • Home Monitoring
  • Surveillance


  • Cable/Satellite
  • Telephony
Your Customers

Property Types:

  • Single-Family
  • Multifamily
  • Condominium
  • Apartments


  • Owner
  • Renter

Online Tools

  • Information / Analytics

    Consumer bill presentment (from Green Button, etc.) and tools to understand and mitigate bills. Includes review and analysis of utility spending and usage for all fuels and water; tracing key sources of usage, finding likely causes of changes (price alterations, comparisons with historic/peer usage, etc.).

  • Optimized Recommendations

    Unique recommendations engine/ tool to help consumers optimize their utility systems (electric, gas, water, other fuels). Evaluates all bill mitigation options; behavior, retrofit and generation (solar). Most consumer effort eliminated by automated web data collection; takes just a couple of minutes to run.

  • Marketplaces

    Marketplaces that help consumers find/commission service providers, such as contractors, financing, equipment providers, as well as automatically get rebates/incentives. Incorporates unique features that engage consumers and makes the process of taking action and mitigate usage and spending easy.

Ongoing Management

  • Tips & Help

    Hundreds of useful tips and help, readily searchable based on needs, investment magnitude, etc. Tips and help address all situations; home ownership or rental, single or multifamily structures, different income levels, break/fix situations, economic or comfort/health concerns, and many more.

  • Alerts & Communication

    Alerts and communication functionality heightens consumer engagement and deepens relationships. Consumers can set alerts for usage/bill thresholds, price and incentive changes, reminders, deals and other opportunities. Communications with service providers and others are facilitated.

  • Social Media Engagement

    A range of social network-based tools and features are built into P-ECOSYS. This includes integration with external social network platforms, and proprietary utility-focused social functionality that utilizes proven gamification techniques to engage consumers in challenges and other interactions.

  • Progress Tracking

    Several tools to help consumers track their progress to meet their needs and accomplish their goals (economic, green, health, comfort, etc.). Tools include project management, project results tracking (spending, economic and usage savings. etc.), device performance (where available), etc.

Sales / Field Support

  • Customer Service / Administrator

    Administrators and CSR personnel may log into customer accounts and sessions from the administrative portal for user support. Facilitates customer assistance with questions, energy efficiency and other opportunities, utility management issues and other issues to the extent each support type is incorporated.

  • Field Personnel Tools

    Multiple tools that support in-person visits, including consumer set-ups (security, telecom, home control, etc.), in-depth energy/utility advisory visits, and other interactions to boost value delivery to consumers, increase confidence and engage consumers. Usable by tablet by field and sales personnel.