Utility & Government


Utilities face increasing customer expectations, rising energy prices, new competitors that challenge incumbents and complex regulator-mandated energy efficiency programs. To weather these changes requires a CRM solution that can turn unengaged ratepayers into satisfied and loyal customers: P-ECOSYS3.

Your Organization


  • IOU
  • Municipal
  • CCA
  • Others


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  • County
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Your Consumers


  • Single/Multi-Family
  • Renter
  • Low Income
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  • Convenience/Gas Stn
  • Retail: Apparel/Grocery
  • Restaurant
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Consumer Outreach

  • HUR Program: Print & E-mail

    Print and e-mail HURS are fully integrated into P-ECOSYS. Normative-comparative messaging, recommen-dations and special offers can be personalized to the individual, increasing engagement and greater energy efficiency.

  • Social Engagement

    P-ECOSYS incorporates robust social and gamification strategies for customer engagement. Through the software portal, customers can find neighbors for helpful advice, or join group challenges, including energy savings programs for schools.

  • Conventional Media

    Powerful blend of utility market and media management know-how services are available to program administrators and consumer engagement mangers. Includes broadcast, print, mail/eMail media, and effective ground-game program design and execution, and consumer analysis and outreach design.

Self-Serve Web Tools

  • Alerts & Communication

    Increase engagement and reduce call center costs with useful notifications and alerts. Customers can sign up for Home Energy Reports and be notified of high bills or changes in rebate and incentive programs, as well as outage reinstatement.

  • Tips & Help

    Customers can access a database of hundreds of helpful tips based on their needs, and addressing all situations – home ownership or rental; single or multifamily structure; varying income levels; break/fix advice; and varying goals.

  • Progress Tracking

    Easy-to-use project management tools reinforce customer decision-making by reporting benefits as they accumulate. Your customers can easily keep track of their progress in meeting their goals, whether reducing costs or CO2, or increasing home healthiness and comfort.

  • Bill Pay and Analysis Tools

    P-ECOSYS includes convenient bill pay options, and insightful bill analysis features that educate the customer. Self-service tools allow customers to answer questions and solve problems – such as month-to-month changes in bills – reducing call center costs.

  • Optimized Recommendations

    Recommendations are personalized to each home, often saving customers thousands of dollars and increasing satisfaction, loyalty and efficiency program results. Recommendations are comprehensive, covering efficiency and generation retrofits, behavior change, and even including multiple utilities, if desired.

  • Marketplaces

    P-ECOSYS uniquely offers appliance, contractor and financing/rebate marketplaces, making customer action less costly and more likely than ever before. These marketplaces also offer utilities an opportunity for referral fees to offset program costs.

Program / Field Support

  • Customer Service

    The admin portal equips customer service with tools that make them more helpful and efficient. Their deeper understanding of customers and messaging reduces call-handling needs and positions them as trusted advisors.

  • Field Audits / Contractor Tools

    Multiple tools that support in-person visits, including audits (test-in, test-out, Homes Scoring, in-depth energy/utility advisory visits), and other interactions to boost consumer engagement, satisfaction, confidence and reassurance in taking action. Usable by tablet by field personnel.

  • School, Employer, Group Programs

    The customer portal supports group engagement initiatives, including schools programs. Tools address pledges, challenges, goals, comparison, analytics, and other functions.

Administration & Reporting

  • Program Administration

    Easily manage customer engagement initiatives through the admin portal. Create and manage marketing and efficiency campaigns, test and send messages and alerts, all the while monitoring performance in near real-time.

  • Program Reporting

    Meet regulatory reporting require-ments with timely, automated EM&V tools that accurately track usage reductions as they are achieved. Includes segmentation tools, contractor/vendor performance tracking, and much more.

  • Big Data

    Big data tools facilitate unparalleled analysis of consumer demand for energy and water together with grid performance and management information. Utilizes AMR and other data (such as home network, solar, etc.) matched with consumer behavior, program participation and other profile information.